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Spend One Day In Dubrovnik 2023

Known for its breathtaking beauty, medieval architecture, and iconic city walls – Dubrovnik is a destination you must put on your traveling bucket list. Even if you only have 24 hours to explore it. That’s why we have put together a Dubrovnik itinerary for spending 24 hours in the most beautiful town on the Adriatic coast.

Dubrovnik is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is because of the perfectly preserved medieval Dubrovnik city walls. The city of Dubrovnik is often referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic due to the white limestone used in the construction of the Old Town.

Things to do in Dubrovnik when you only have 24 hours!

Although you could easily spend a whole week in Dubrovnik just enjoying the Mediterranean climate and swimming in the Adriatic sea, it’s still worth it to visit Dubrovnik even for just 24 hours.

There are many day trips organized from nearby towns like Kotor, Budva, or Mostar. But if you’re visiting Dubrovnik on your own it’s always good to know what can you see and things to do in Dubrovnik if you’re only staying for 24 hours.

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Visiting Dubrovnik for 24 Hours

We will assume you arrived in town early in the morning and have one whole day for exploring Dubrovnik. By following this Dubrovnik itinerary you’ll get to know how to get the most out of your 24 hours in Dubrovnik you will not miss a single culture or historic site on Dubrovnik’s must-visit list.

dubrovnik old city

Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik is famous for its Old Town, and for a good reason. The Old Town is sort of the city center of Dubrovnik, almost all the attractions are located inside of the Dubrovnik city walls and are a short walking distance from each other. That makes it a whole lot easier to see most of the landmarks and famous sites in just a single day trip. You can enter the Old Town from one of the two main entrances – Ploče or Pile Gate. You will most likely use the latter one mentioned since it’s the one close to the main bus station stop. Once you enter the Old Town through Pile Gate you will step onto Stradun – the main street of Dubrovnik’s Old Town.

From there on it will be really easy to explore all the highlights of the Old Town and visit all the must-see places in Dubrovnik.

dubrovnik cathedral
Dubrovnik Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, commonly called Dubrovnik’s Cathedral, was built in the 17th century. Dubrovnik Cathedral treasury contains some fantastic treasures and “reliquaries” that you need to see.

saint blaise church
Church of St. Blaise

This 18-century baroque style church is dedicated to the city’s patron saint – St. Blaise, and it’s one of the most beautiful churches in the Old Town. It’s also one of the must-see sites in Dubrovnik.

sponza palace
Sponza Palace

The Sponza palace served a variety of public functions through the past. Sponza Palace is now home to the Dubrovnik city archives, which hold documents dating back to the 12th century.

rectors palace
Rector’s Palace

The Rector’s Palace, or in Croatian Knežev Dvor, is located in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Between the 14th century and 1808, the palace served as the Republic of Ragusa’s Rector seat. Rector was an official of the Republic of Ragusa’s government. It was built in Gothic style, but it also harmoniously combines Renaissance and Baroque elements of architecture. Since 1872, the Rector’s Palace has been home to The History Department of the Museum of Dubrovnik.

franciscan monastery
Franciscan Monastery

Franciscan monastery’s large complex is situated at the beginning of Stradun, to the left of the Pile Gate. The sideways facade of the monastery church runs along the main street of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, and the monastery spreads north along the city walls as far as the tower Minčeta. This large complex belongs to the Order of the Friars Minor. And it consists of a church, a friary, a library, and a pharmacy.

maritime museum
Maritime Museum

Dubrovnik’s Maritime Museum is located inside St. Johns Fort. It was founded in 1949 at today’s Croatian Academy of Science and Arts initiative. The Maritime Museum has been a part of Dubrovnik Museums since 1987. The museum systematically publishes, exhibits, and collects various materials from the maritime past of the Dubrovnik region.

Dubrovnik City Walls

Probably the number one thing you should not miss in Dubrovnik is the town walls. Whether you decide to book a Walls of Dubrovnik walking tour or you decide to go and explore the town walls on your own, you will be smitten by the marvelous view of the Adriatic Sea, orange rooftops, and the nearby Lokrum island provided from the city walls.

walls of dubrovnik

Enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the local cafes

There are numerous cafes all around Dubrovnik Old Town. And that’s because the coffee culture in Croatia is something different. Many Croats will say – the smaller the coffee, the longer it takes to drink it. So during the 24 hours, you have in Dubrovnik embrace the local customs and enjoy sipping your cup of coffee overlooking the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. You can also use this time for a short break from the sightseeing and tourist activities.

Fort Lovrijenac

Once you’re done exploring Dubrovnik Old Town you can go on and visit the Lovrijenac Fort. This fort was built in order to protect the western sea access to today’s Old Town of Dubrovnik. Fort Lovrijenac is located on a cliff, 37 meters high above sea level. Once you exit the city through the Pile Gate, go a few steps down to the Pile beach and from there on you can climb up to Fort Lovrijenac.

Visit Dubrovnik beaches & Lokrum island

A visit to Dubrovnik would not be complete without going to one of many beautiful Dubrovnik beaches. If you’re visiting during the summer or warmer days you should not skip taking a swim in the crystal blue Adriatic Sea. Although Banje Beach is the most famous beach in Dubrovnik it tends to get really crowded. That’s why we recommend going a bit further away from the city walls of Dubrovnik and relaxing on one of the less busy beaches. Line the Saint Jacob beach or Šulić beach. These two are close to the Old Town and they are some of the favorite beaches among Dubrovnik locals.

If you planed your Dubrovnik itinerary perfectly and have some time at your hands definitely visit Lokrum Island. Only a 15-minute boat ride away from Dubrovnik’s Old Port, Lokrum island is a piece of heaven on Earth. On Lokrum you can enjoy the natural cliff beaches, sip cocktails, or even exploring around the island’s botanical garden.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

A perfect end of your day in Dubrovnik would be taking the cable car up to Srđ hill. Once you take the cable car and reach Srđ you can enjoy the most breathtaking sunset overlooking Dubrovnik city walls and Old Town.

banje beach

Where to park your car in Dubrovnik?

If you’re only spending 24 hours in Dubrovnik and are coming to town with your own car, one of the things that’s good to check in advance is the parking situation. It can be a bit tricky to find good and affordable parking that’s close to the Dubrovnik Old Town, especially during the summer season. Luckily there is still affordable parking close to the Old Town. Dubrovnik Center Parking even offers a 24-hour parking ticket that will make your 24 hours in Dubrovnik even more enjoyable because you’ll not have to worry about your car.

What to Eat?

A part of your “One day in Dubrovnik” itinerary needs to be dedicated to trying tasty local dishes. If you’re wondering what to eat in Dubrovnik one thing you can not go wrong with is the fish and seafood menu. Because Dubrovnik is located right on the Adriatic Sea, fish and seafood are a big part of the local’s diet. One dish we highly advise you to try is the Black Risotto, it’s creamy and delicious, and something you probably haven’t tried before. When it comes to sweets, try Dubrovnik’s Rozata, it’s a custard pudding covered with sweet caramel.


So, is one day in Dubrovnik enough?

One day in Dubrovnik is enough to see all the highlights like the Old Town and Dubrovnik City Walls, but trust us you’ll want to come back. Even if you just spend 24 hours in Dubrovnik you’ll see why the Old Town is so well-known and popular among visitors from all over the world.