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Best Parking Near Dubrovnik Old Town 2023

Everything you need to know before visiting Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik is, undoubtedly, the most famous destination which everyone wants to visit. One of the main reasons for that is the City walls, where the famous series Game of Thrones was filmed. There are many ways you can choose for traveling to Dubrovnik; by car, bus, plane, or even on a boat cruise. If your choice is to travel by car, we advise you to read the following information that will make your trip completely carefree!

Traveling by car is an excellent choice because you can enjoy sightseeing in the city without a time limit. But there are also certain complications related to finding a parking space in the high season. You don’t have to worry; we will help you! With our selected tips and information, you will be able to park your car in the best parking in Dubrovnik!

Where to park near Old Town?

Finding a secure parking lot in an unknown city can be challenging, especially in the high season, because everyone wants to be close to the Old Town. There are many parking zones in the city where you can park your car, but are they close enough to the Old Town?

There are multiple car parks, underground parking garages, and street parking options available in Dubrovnik. But be prepared for struggling to find an empty spot. Also, leaving your car around the city walls and Old Town is very expensive. But don’t worry! Dubrovnik Center Parking has the most affordable price in the city, which is only 4 EUR per hour, and it is located 15 minutes away from Old Town by foot! If you are not a fan of walking, there is also a bus stop across the street.

Let us help you find the best parking lot in Dubrovnik city at the most affordable prices!

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Why choose Dubrovnik Center Parking?

Many people leave their car in unsecured street parking or park on some unknown free parking space. We strongly advise you not to do that! Finding parking in the city’s center is the main problem because there aren’t enough parking spaces in the high season. But don’t worry, we have the best solution for you!

Besides having the most convenient location in town, Dubrovnik Center Parking also offers the best value for money. By choosing Dubrovnik Center Parking, there is no need to worry about the parking meters running. Explore iconic city attractions without looking at the time or thinking about being overcharged. You can choose multiple options: hourly parking ticket, daily parking ticket, or multi-day parking ticket. Also, Dubrovnik Center Parking is open every day from 0 to 24 hours. Why wait? Book your parking spot already today!

Most convenient location

Dubrovnik Center Parking has a suitable location in the business center of Dubrovnik, next to the Mercante center. The parking lot is only 15-minutes away from the Old Town, and the bus stop is right across the street. Also, the main bus station is just a few minutes away!

Have a stress-free vacation in Dubrovnik!


Best Dubrovnik Parking Tips!

Book your parking spot in advance!

There is a huge possibility that all parking spaces will be filled in the city during the summer season. For that reason, we highly advise you to reserve your parking place in advance, especially if you think about booking a multi-day ticket option.

Don’t park your car in an unknown place.

Everyone’s goal is to find and park in a free parking space, but we strongly suggest not to do that in Dubrovnik! There is a huge possibility that your desired parking space is already reserved for someone. If you leave your car there, there is a possibility that the towing service will come and pick it up!

What is near Dubrovnik Center Parking?


Shopping center Mercante is located just two minutes away from the Dubrovnik Center Parking! Also, there are many shops for everyone’s needs only five minutes away.


Finding an empty parking spot near City walls and Old Town in Dubrovnik during high season is the same as the winning lottery. But don’t worry, Dubrovnik Center Parking is only 15-minutes away on foot from the old town! You will have an opportunity to discover famous city walls without worrying about your car. Also, you can reserve your parking space in advance to ensure that your parking spot is waiting for you!

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Grab a coffee or quench your hunger with a delicious meal in one of the best city restaurants and cafes that are located only a few minutes away from the Dubrovnik Center Parking!

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FAQ – Dubrovnik Center Parking

Is it possible to use on-street Dubrovnik city public parking?

Dubrovnik city on-street public parking has five parking zones in total and each of them has a different price per hour, depending on the convenience of the location. Parking on the street around the Old Town is only for residents and is some parking zones it not possible to park for more than 2 hours. Cheaper zones are further away from the Old Town and center of the city. You can easily see which parking zone you are in by looking at the parking meter. Keep in mind that you need to prepare the exact change if you decide to pay at parking meters.

Is parking in Dubrovnik expensive in high season?

Parking in Dubrovnik is significantly more expensive in the summer months compared to the winter months. Prices go up to 10.6 EUR per hour! To save your money, we highly recommend you make a reservation for your parking spot with Dubrovnik Center Parking!

How many parking spaces does Dubrovnik Center Parking have?

Dubrovnik Center Parking has 90 parking spaces that are approachable for all types of cars.

How can I book my parking space?

It is very easy to book your parking space! The only thing you need to do is use your mobile phone and contact +385 91 5040 735 via WhatsApp. You can also reserve your parking spot by filling out the contact form, which you can find at the bottom of the official Dubrovnik Center Parking website.

Why should I park my car in Dubrovnik Center Parking?

You can leave your car in some unsecured public parking lot or you have to spend a lot of money and park your car in the expensive underground parking garage. To help you save your money and time, we suggest parking your car in Dubrovnik Center Parking. Dubrovnik Center Parking has the best location and most affordable prices in the whole city! Trust us, your car will be safe under all-day surveillance and you will have a stress-free visit to the town of Dubrovnik!

How much does the parking in Dubrovnik cost?

Parking prices in Dubrovnik can reach up to 10.6 EUR per hour! That is expensive for parking spaces that don’t have security cameras or aren’t located near the city center. That’s why Dubrovnik Center Parking has the best offer with a price of only 4 EUR per hour! It can’t get any cheaper than that in Dubrovnik!